Hashrate Limit: OFF
Website Maintenance - Completed
posted 09/24/2017 19:09:30 by RaJiska

Hello there fellow miners !

You may have noticed that the website was returning a 503 status code about 10 minutes ago.
Don't worry ! Everything is alright and nothing has been lost, this was not an issue but a short maintenance (laster about 10 minutes).

We are now able to deploy our updates much faster, and this, seamless for you !

Happy mining,

Hashrate Limit Poll Results
posted 09/20/2017 12:39:52 by RaJiska

Hello fellow miners !

These last days we've been asking you your opinion regarding the hashrate limit in place, if we should remove it or not.
After having discussed with you all who decided to take the poll with us, exchanging your ideas and eventually the pros and cons,
it appeared that most of you were not really in favor of a hashrate limit removal, but more about a hashrate limit increase.

This is the reason why the pool hashrate limit will now be increased from 300 KH/s to 600 KH/s this way allowing medium-end
miners to come in while keeping large botnets out of the pool. This way, we hope to be able to counterbalance large pools such
as Minerclaim & Zpool in an effort to extract a decent amount of blocks per day as we used to.

We thank you all for taking part in this poll, and thank you for the constructive exchanges we have been able to have with you.
The new limit is effective from now on. Please note the tolerance of 15% is still effective.

Happy mining,

[Poll] Should we keep the hashrate limit ?
posted 09/18/2017 20:40:32 by RaJiska

Hello fellow miners,

Lately we have come to question ourselves as to what we needed to do to keep the miners being with us and the new ones looking for a pool.
After thinking on it for quite some time we realized that people may be more interested in a pool not having limit rather than one having it.

This is why we come to you and ask you for your opinion on the following question:
Do you think hashrate limit of 300 KH/s should be removed ?

Please let us know by sending a mail to contact@pool42.com, backed with reasons if possible.
In case you think the problem is somewhere else, we're open for suggestions and tips !

Thank you very much for being with us,

P.S: If you think there is an alternative we haven't thought of, don't hesitate to let us know :).

Pool synced on and funds unlocked !
posted 09/15/2017 11:40:15 by RaJiska

Hello there fellow miners,

Those last few days were heavy on us, we spent quite some time inspecting every new blocks as they were popping to see if it was alright.
We also experienced two forks which were quickly dealt with; in order to ensure the pool doesn't loose Magi in an eventual severe fork, we locked
every forms of payouts.

Now I am happy to say that this is all good and behind us !

This morning at around 8 AM we began the process of building the new wallet and resyncing the blockchain on version, the process ended
at 8:20 AM. According to the developers the fork issue should be fixed !

The payouts are now re-enabled, we thank you for having been patient and wish you the best,

Happy mining :) !

P.S: Thank you @ex33s for being there in time of needs, @joelao95 for the update, and the dev team in general for their amazing work.

Hashrate Limit Bot Updated
posted 09/12/2017 12:21:15 by RaJiska

Hello there fellow miners,

As you may know, this pool is running a Hashrate Check Bot, this basically ensure that any account doesn't exceed the hasrate limit currently set (by the time I write those lines) to 300 KH/s and 15% tolerance. If the hashrate of any user exceeds the limit in the pool statistics tab, the bot would remove all the workers of the incriminated user.

Now this update includes a mail being said to the user who went above the limit in order to inform him that he is not mining on the pool; he'd then just have to recreate his worker(s) in order to mine again.
Please note that you should use a complicated password on your workers to make sure people do not push you out to the limits.

Happy mining :) !

Wallet updated and fees set to 1%
posted 09/11/2017 14:00:52 by RaJiska

Hello fellow miners,

We would like to inform you that we have updated the wallet binary to the version, this is the reason why you may have experienced a connection loss for a few instants about 15 minutes ago.
Furthermore we would like to add that we've updated the fees to 1%, this way we would be able to keep the services on as we're paying it fully from our own pocket as the moment, thank you for understanding.

Happy mining :) !